The Sentry 4 System

The Sentry 4 System

The Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System

The Sentry 4 Life Support System is Category 3 Complex Respiratory Protective Equipment, providing the highest grade of protection from the most harmful, hazardous environments. Used in a wide range of specialist applications and industries internationally, the system is suitable for up to 4 users simultaneously with 4 independent air supplies to each user.

Breathing Apparatus Helmet

A lightweight, two piece, locking anti panic helmet designed to provide complete respiratory protection in the most hazardous irrespirable atmospheres where safety is paramount with the comfort and security of full Atex communications. Unique universal size face seal allowing for comfort and easy user selection.

Air Supply Manifolds

The unique design and configuration allows for uninterrupted air supply while cascading from one cylinder to another allowing drained cylinders to be replaced without compromising safety of the wearer.

Pneumatics Control Module

Unique, simple ‘fail open’ system ensuring maximum safety and air delivery while reducing operator fatigue through simple controls. Fully pneumatic warning system requiring no electrical supply.

Communication System

Simple, reliable, Atex approved communication system with the ability to expand. Battery driven with no requirement for external power sources giving a fully independent system.


Fully sheathed for maximum protection and safety. Design allows for easy cleaning, decontamination and storage while maximising strength. Colour coded for easy, clear connection and user identification.

Escape System

Lightweight, self-contained, durable composite egress cylinder providing the Sentry 4 System with its primary fully independent air supply.

Emergency Escape Line System (EEL)

Fully independent air supply system to the wearer with no control or communication required to initiate operation giving a further minimum 7 hours air supply. The Sentry 4’s secondary fully independent emergency air supply.

Body Harness

Robust, adjustable, flame retardant full body entry harness designed for comfort and maximum safety when used with the Sentry 4 system. Designed to assist in direct vertical casualty recovery.

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