Pneumatics Control Module

Pneumatics Control Module

Pneumatics Control Module

Unique, simple “fail open” system ensuring maximum safety and air delivery while reducing operator fatigue through simple controls. Fully pneumatic warning system requiring no electrical supply.

“Fully independent reducers”

The Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System’s Control Module accepts high pressure air from the manifolds and reduces the pressure to supply to the umbilicals. Eight fully independent reducers transform high pressure to medium pressure for supply to the wearer. Eight 1/4 turn ball valves control the supply of air to each of the eight channels and are mounted on the front of the control module. Supply and reduced pressures are monitored by pressure gauges mounted on the front panel of the control module. Oscillating movement of the reduced pressure gauge needles indicate the channels from which air is being consumed.

“Air supply cylinders”

Each channel has a high pressure gauge to indicate the contents of the air supply cylinders; common is shared by the 4 colours. A whistle alarm system is provided for both common and dedicated channels, while the upper alarm levels are subject to end users requirements and settings. Integral safety features include, fail open reducers ensuring constant air flow in the event of a component failure while an integrated self re-sealing valve protects the system and wearer from over pressuring. The Control Module is housed in a composite moulded cabinet (available in various block colours) or control rooms bespoke to each client as an optional extra.

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