Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaners are presented with some of the harshest chemicals and gases on a daily basis with environments subject to rapid change. The Sentry 4’s small modular abilities allow for close rapid operations while providing the ultimate in respiratory protection.

Catalyst Handling

With catalyst changeout and confined space entries remaining one of the most high risk operations, the Sentry 4 System is designed and tested to meet the catalyst handlers specific needs.

Petrochemical & Refinery

Process engineers often face high risk operations where the use of breathing apparatus is required for both working tasks and long duration comfort wear. The sentry 4 System offers the ultimate in safety while supplying full Atex communication and comfort.

Emergency Rescue Services

Aimed at providing a solution to long duration breathing apparatus wear, the Sentry 4 System can be applied to operations where normal SCBA are restricted. Operations involving protracted rescues to mass decontamination in conjunction with other required personal protective equipment (gas suits, chemical protection suits).

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