Emergency Escape Line System (EEL)

Emergency Escape Line System

Escape System

Lightweight, self-contained, durable composite egress cylinder providing the Sentry 4 System with its primary fully independent emergency air supply.

“Emergency Escape Line System”

The Emergency Escape Line System consists of a lightweight self contained cylinder (approx. 2lt) that provides air for up to 10 minutes for escape purposes when it is impossible to use air from the main umbilical. The pouch mounted Egress Cylinder can be located anywhere accessible upon the wearer’s body attached through the Body Harness. An integral on off valve/reducer with an incorporated contents gauge allows the user to control the supply of air. A self sealing inlet line is provided to allow the wearer to attach the fully independent live escape line allowing disconnection from the main umbilical in the event of an emergency. The minimum air duration to each EEL is 7 hours.

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