Communication System

Communication System

Communication System

Simple, reliable, Atex approved communication system with the ability to expand. Battery driven with no requirement for external power sources giving a fully independent system.

“Command modules”

The Communication Module of The Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System is an intrinsically safe, Atex approved module system and consists of Command Modules allowing for the connection of 8 users with the ability to be expanded up to 12 users all able to listen and talk to each other. Adaptors are available to integrate other Atex approved wireless radio systems into the sentry 4 Communication Module. The entry technicians are in communication via the communication line of the umbilical, which attaches to the rear of the Command Module.

“Low Battery Warning Light”

Each of the communication channels has a volume control. There is also a low battery warning light which when activated gives up to a further 8 hours of operation.

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