Breathing Apparatus Helmet

Breathing Apparatus Helmet

Breathing Apparatus Helmet

A lightweight, two piece, locking anti panic helmet designed to provide complete respiratory protection in the most hazardous irrespirable atmospheres where safety is paramount with the comfort and security of full Atex communications. Unique universal size face seal allowing for comfort and easy user selection.

“Locking two piece clam shell”

The Sentry 4 Helmet is a locking two piece clam shell, moulded from fire retardant resin with glass cloth and Kevlar fibre with a flame retardant gelcoat finish (available in various block colours.) The shell incorporates a fully adjustable head harness, a soft neoprene formed universal size, flame retardant face seal with a wide angle 6mm thick, high grade visor providing eye, face and respiratory protection. A positive pressure exhalation valve is fitted underneath the face seal and an inner mask is provided. Twin demand valves supply air to the user at the same time and connect to two completely separate air supply systems. An intrinsically safe, Atex approved communications headset and a microphone assembly mounted inside the face seal.

“Fire retardant”

A yoke assembly made from fire retardant webbing has two 3000kg screw gate carabiners for attachment to the body harness and a 1500kg D ring for attachment to the umbilicals double acting snap hook. This also supports the harness manifold assembly, which leads from the helmet, attaches to the umbilical and escape set via three double action Quick Connect couplings. The manifold itself links to the escape hose to feed one of the demand valves. Non return valves ensure correct routing of air in the event of failure of the main air supplies. Gauze filters protect the demand valves.

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