Body Harness

Body Harness

Body Harness

Robust, adjustable, flame retardant full body entry harness designed for comfort and maximum safety when used with the Sentry 4 system. Designed to assist in direct vertical casualty recovery.

“Harness assembly”

The harness assembly manufactured for the Sentry 4 system is of the full body type with a waist belt and is made predominantly of polyester fibre webbing, with steel attachments. Lifting points are provided at each shoulder and are rated at 1500N, these lifting points are attached to the yoke by 3 KN screw gate carabineers. The harness conforms to EN 358 & EN 361 Full Body Harnesses.

“Body harness”

Also attached to the harness is the cylinder pouch and sleeves to ensure the neat routing of the escape hose to the yoke, it is intended that the pouch can be located on any of the 50 mm webbing straps of the harness subject to comfort, operational constraints and there being no strain on the hose. The yoke assembly (part of the helmet assembly) attaches to the shoulder lifting points of the body harness. Two rapid links attach the pouch to the harness to allow ease of placement subject to preference. Mounted on the yoke is the harness manifold holding inline filters, non-return valves and the hoses that go up to the helmet. A secure lifting point attaches to the yoke of the umbilical. The product service life of a harness is a maximum of 5 years from the date of first use.

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